Fashion Store - Digital Signage Concept

UX Design of the customer experience with the adoption of Digital Signage technologies

Fashion Store - Customer UX Design



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May, 2014 (Concept developed for Practix srl)


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This is a concept developed in order to demonstrate some improvements in the customer experience created with the adoption of a Digital Signage Technology, such as Touchdomain. I worked on a presentation where I used a technique where real images and sketches are fused together in order to create an empathy augmented scenario 

First of all we developed the customer experience path across 5 steps (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1 - Step-by-Step Customer Experience

Fig. 1 - Step-by-Step Customer Experience

Later on, I developed step by step the scenario over a short story. Here is the first part of the scenario:

Mark is a 25 yo tourist from the US. He decided to spend ten days in Rome. He is enjoying the historical center of the Italian capital when his attention is attracted by the store of a famous Italian fashion brand. He decides to have a look inside...

Some sketches from the presentation


What we’ve accomplished:



In a limited time-span we created a great presentation that helps customers to understand the qualities of the technology thanks to the empathy generated by stories and images.